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Our Team Develops
Custom Solutions For You

  • Regulatory: benchmarking, program analysis, compliance strategies
  • Strategy: goal setting, budgeting, schedule controls
  • Financial: cost-benefit and pro-forma analysis, funding options
  • Implementation: program management, procurement, contract management, project planning, design, construction, and commissioning

Profitable Projects Begin on Day One.

Oakville Building Advisors provides comprehensive owner advisor and construction management services during the  pre-development, design, and construction phases of new construction and major retrofit projects for commercial buildings.

Project Scope of Work

    • Assist in setup in EnergyStar Portfolio Manager if needed; training owner team on set-up and on-going use
    • Regulatory reporting (State of Colorado, Denver, others)
    • 3rd party audited reports (e.g. Data Verification required by Denver)
    • Reporting needs for investors, company, or tenant ESG programs
    • Gather basic information for building / portfolio of buildings
    • Understand reporting requirements for investors/company/tenants
    • Energy Use Analysis
    • Energy Audits
    • Site Visit / Systems Analysis (HVAC, Lighting, Building Envelope, etc.)
    • Gather expert input and specialized assessments if needed
    • Early engagement of critical design and construction team members
    • Develops goals for energy use (EUI or Energy Use Intensity) and electrification
    • Develop options for design & construction solutions ranging from meeting current requirements to striving for a ‘future-proof’ net-zero building
    • Analyze costs, funding (grants, incentives, and other special programs), and impacts to long-term maintenance and operations for various options (financial feasibility and life-cycle cost analysis)
    • Assess operational and tenant impacts of potential approaches and options
    • Assess options for timing and phasing of work, including impacts on funding, cash-flow forecasts, and regulatory deadlines
    • Select preferred project approach and options (alternates) for design, bidding, and construction
    • Create schedule and phasing plans that address key aspects of tenant coordination, funding availability, design process, entitlement requirements, and construction work
    • Develop construction approach to minimize impact to tenants and operations
    • Plan outreach and education for tenants and other stakeholders as necessary
    • Develop procurement plan for contracts
    • Site investigation
    • Retro-commissioning of retained systems
    • Design, including ensuring building automation systems (BAS) and energy reporting systems provide required data for investor/company/tenant ESG reporting needs
    • Entitlements & permitting
    • Construction
    • Operational coordination with facility management team and tenants
    • Commissioning, close-out, warranty
    • Sustainability services, including certifications for LEED, WELL, other
    • “Close the loop” on benchmarking reporting and other regulatory requirements
  • General Services

    • Construction Manager/Owner Advisor
    • Initial project information and investigation, including energy audits
    • Strategic planning including analysis of financial, operational, cost, and regulatory parameters
    • Design-phase/pre-construction services to find best set of strategies to meet program financial and building performance goals
    • Manage design, entitlements, and construction of project
    • Commissioning, closeout & warranty
  • Owner support

    • Review and advise on green lease options to align building and tenant operations with energy- and emissions-reductions goals
    • Discuss operational aspects to achieving reduced energy use and carbon emissions
    • Support owner outreach and coordination with tenants
    • Funding analysis of grants, rebates, preferential loans, and other incentives available; support development of capital stack
    • Provide project cash flow forecasts to support owner financial analysis
    • Provide information on:
      • Denver or other city regulations and Building Performance Standards
      • Colorado regulations and Building Performance Standards
      • Other regulations
    • Advise on risks and opportunities: financial (including regulatory fines), construction market risks, and transition risks, and integrate with owner assessments of real estate market risks, real estate financing options, and market opportunities
  • Procure team members, manage contracts and billings for:

    • Project development and strategy team
    • Design team
    • 3rd party consultants for quality assurance, sustainability, entitlements, etc.
    • Construction team
    • Building and special systems commissioning
    • Certification submittals and verifications

How We Do It

Almost 30+ years unique industry experience:

  • Real estate financial feasibility analysis
  • Program and construction cost projections
  • Design-phase management
  • Procurement and contract management
  • Construction-phase management from permitting through commissioning

With a special focus on:

  • Sustainable design and construction
  • Net-zero carbon in operations
  • Low-carbon in construction
  • High energy efficiency and building performance
  • Building electrification

“Creating a real estate decarbonization strategy that includes management, finance, operations and decision-making can feel overwhelming. Yet delaying action can lead to significant business risk.” CBRE (2)

We can help with the most common challenges:

  • It’s too expensive: Oakville Building Advisors merges a real-estate background with extensive construction and cost expertise to find solutions that meet the client’s risk and profit goals.
  • It’s too risky: Risk analysis for proposed options includes understanding if certain design strategies are common, or still leading-edge. Market and regulatory risks are also evaluated.
  • Development is hard enough; this is complicated; I don’t know where to start: OBA is one of several resources that are quickly spinning up to help address the needs of building owners, and we are all helping each other to help the building industry decarbonize. It is a learning process for everyone.
  • I’m fine with how things are now: for now, but market expectations and regulations are changing.

Ready to start decarbonizing your building?

Ready for the future

Improve building energy performance; reduce greenhouse-gas emissions; create a healthy, attractive place for occupants; improve asset financials; lead the market and differentiate your product; meet regulatory requirements; mitigate future market and energy-cost risks; support tenant, company, and investor ESG commitments and goals; and more…